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From the twelfth century, it may be said the exemption of orders and monasteries became the rule.Exemptions were also granted to cathedral chapters, collegiate chapters, parishes. xi); consequently the bishops complained of such exemptions, while, on the other hand, the parties exempted were wont to accuse the bishops of violating acquired privileges.In the last fifteen years (1911) the Italians have come to xxyyyk.htm"Providence in 1910 and other smaller parishes provide for their needs in the outlying districts.

Through the generosity of Joseph Banigan the Home for the Aged in Pawtucket was built in 1881. Almost twenty parishes out of a total of seventy-nine are exclusively French Canadian, while there are a few small parishes of mixed French and English-speaking Catholics.

In Spain and elsewhere vicarii castrenses generales , i.e. As applied to monasteries and churches, exemption is known as passiva or activa .

In the former case the jurisdiction of the monastic or ecclesiastical prelate is confined to the ecciesiastics and laity belonging to his monastery or church.

Exemption also frequently occurs in connexion with the system of military chaplaincies.

In Austria, since 1720, the "Feldbischof" (army bishop ), nominated by the emperor, is exempt.

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