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so if any of you want to re-create horny, the pink room, toys r us or your own favorite, please do. We're just doing our part to keep the community together. Finally, please spread the word about this site to your fellow babblers. So we had to use Godaddy's excruciatingly slow (12-24 hours response times) help & support via email.

Keep it consensual, keep it legal, keep it safe, but why not try it in cyberspace?It can be our new meeting place when babble is down.The best news is, they allow anyone to create new rooms...Now in 2010 the domain was expired, but was not auto-renewed as all our other domains at our South African registrar are. So, the domain expired and Godaddy parked the domain.So we contacted our SA registrar, but of course their domains department doesn't work over the weekend.

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