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Ifelicious: I know the children’s book tour kind of ended on a sour note (see “A night of pee, poop and Jail for MTV reality star Abram Boise”), but would you consider another book tour once any new material gets released? It was one of the most beautiful times in my entire life…I was filled with joy and inspiration and hope…I would like to do another tour at some point in time, but hopefully it would be with one of the graphic novels which, coincidentally, I’m actually talking with MTV about the possibility of actually doing a show…specifically about touring. It would be actually going out and living the situations that are in these hard core graphic novels…It would be very rowdy and very scary, everything that’s me.

Whether or not it comes out in a TV show, I’m considering selling my house and just leaving. When I asked him where he was from, he said he was a ‘citizen of the world.’ He literally sold his business, and he’s been traveling the world…We just had a really interesting conversation about what it means to step away from expectations and the norm and just go for what you love. I just did my own chest and will probably get my head done in the next week or so. Abram: It’s a black heart in the center of my chest with flames around it and a knife going straight through the middle. I always wanted to get the center of my chest tattooed because I like the way it feels.

Abram is a creative spirit who paints and writes and does his own tattoos.

In this final part of my “Battle of the Exes” interview series with Abram (see also “(Pt 1/2) ‘Battle of the Exes’ interview with Abram Boise: loving Cara Maria“), I highlight some of his lesser known pursuits as well as touch on his experience doing the MTV Challenges.

Around this time last year, Abram was on the road promoting his children’s book “Star of Happiness.” The tour ended after his arrest, but I know fans have still been interested in obtaining copies of the book (i have my own autographed copy…nanny nanny boo boo! There were also a limited edition of quilts to accompany the story, but they are no longer available.

Even when we spoke last year, Abram mentioned that he had plenty of book ideas including ones for a graphic novel.

I want you to put the fear of God in me, please,’ and they never really deliver.

Abram: I had a hundred copies left over from that first release. If something did work out, though, it would take six months to a year before I came out with…a revised version.

I guess they’ve been in my house in Montana, and so I just released the last 100 copies…I’m going to rework the book. For now, I’ll continue…to put out 500 copies at a time and sell those.

If you go to Abram’s Facebook “About” page, you’ll see a summary of the books he’s working on.

I’ll copy it here as well, in case that info is no longer posted on his Facebook page at some point. Two orphans bond in friendship in an old west mining camp and learn to fight and steal at a young age to surviive.

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