Carbon dating service

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These additional materials undergo the same chemical pretreatments and graphite syntheses as do the client’s samples.

This is indispensable for precision radiocarbon dating.

Beta Analytic has been providing routine AMS radiocarbon dating services to the international scientific community since 1983.

The company routinely delivers AMS radiocarbon dating results within 14 business days.

More researchers are using a mix of both AMS and radiometric dating in order to properly answer the complex questions posed by their research.Results of AMS carbon 14 dating analysis are reported within 14 business days for the Standard AMS Delivery Service, and within 6 business days for the Priority AMS Delivery Service.These quoted delivery times are independent of the quantity of samples sent for radiocarbon dating analysis.The AMS measurement is done on graphite produced by hydrogen reduction of the CO2 sample over a cobalt catalyst.The CO2 is obtained from the combustion of the sample at 800°C under a 100% oxygen atmosphere.

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