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allianceonline now comes with new responsive web capabilities for optimal viewing where information displayed will automatically fit across a wide range of tablets and smart phones.Customers no longer need to pan, resize or scroll the web pages to perform their mobile banking needs!The Email/SMS/Messenger applies the following phrases to trick users to click on a hyperlink contained in the message: “account update”, "security maintenance", "investigation of irregularities.", "your account has been blocked", "we need to reconfirm your details", "your credit card has been cancelled", “you have won a contest” or even "you have a large sum of money in your account, please verify the withdrawals or accounts." TIP #5: NEVER disclose your ATM PIN, username, password and TAC to anyone or register any other person’s phone number to receive your TAC Always be alert when an unsolicited caller requests for your personal banking information such as ATM PIN, internet banking username & password and bank account details over the phone.

The feature will be available effective 26 August 2016.In our continuous efforts to provide you with a user friendly and secured Internet banking environment, we will be implementing a new dual factor authentication (2FA) feature - the Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC).The TAC is a unique 6-digit security code which is sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number.128 Bit Encryption While Alliance Bank has to its best endeavor implemented a variety of security measures to safeguard your Internet banking transactions, you too, have a role to play.Higher encryption (128-bit) is exponentially more powerful than a standard encryption (40 or 56-bit).

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