Dating an alcoholic best singles dating websites

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and slurring words on a daily basis, are easily disguised, especially when someone denies their significance.But I also think I didn’t want to see them for what they were at the time.She said that it was challenging—she wanted a glass of cabernet with dinner now and then—and that the guy didn’t mind if she had one, yet she’d feel guilty if she did. I imagined them sitting around, playing a board game or drinking grape juice with their steak entrée.

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I became more cautious when reading guys’ online dating profiles—did a lot of their leisure activities involve drinking?In dating non-alcoholic guys, I found I relish sober activities more than drinking-centric ones.More importantly, I’ve prioritized what’s important to me when it comes to a partner, and broke an unconscious pattern of my own.Plus, his face was flushed in most of them, a drinker’s blush on his cheeks. Guys like my ex were charming, nice and fun—until they didn’t know how to stop drinking and “a couple drinks before we go” turned into nearly a half-bottle of whiskey for them and a half-finished glass of wine for me.They say we date who and what we know—consciously or unconsciously. My parents divorced when I was three and I didn’t grow up knowing my father.

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