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These three elements are the Workbooks, Worksheets and Ranges/Cells. Almost everything you do in Excel starts and ends with Cells. Let’s start with the simplest method of accessing cells – using the Range property of the worksheet.Generally speaking, you do three main things with Cells Excel has a number of methods for accessing cells such as Range, Cells and Offset. The worksheet has a Range property which you can use to access cells in VBA.The Range property takes the same argument that most Excel Worksheet functions take e.g. The following example shows you how to place a value in a cell using the Range property.As you can see Range is a member of the worksheet which in turn is a member of the Workbook.Sometimes you may want to return more than one cell using row and column numbers. As you have seen you can only access one cell using the Cells property.If you want to return a range of cells then you can use Cells with Ranges as follows As you can see, you provide the start and end cell of the Range.In this example we have the number of the column and the row.To use Range here would require us to convert these values to the letter/number cell reference e.g. Using the Cells property allows us to provide a row and a column number to access a cell.

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Range has a property called Address which displays the letter/ number cell reference of any range.Excel does not yet contain a feature that produces a table of contents, but you can create a macro to get the job done. This macro will create a new sheet at the start of the workbook named table of contents. It will then list the names of all the sheets in the workbook and insert a hyperlink for each one. Underline = xl Underline Style None With Application . This post covers everything you need to know about using Cells and Ranges in VBA.

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