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Chanelle revealed she turned to plastic surgery as early as 19, when she had her boobs done, to make herself feel better.

She has since had work done on her cheeks, lips, teeth and bum as well as botox.

“When people have approached me for television work I would feel like ‘oh why do they want me?

’ “I was getting nice feedback like ‘you’re funny and down to earth’. “And people used to stop commenting on my appearance and started to talk about my personality.

) she is fair, and she’s the first person I’d ask for advice if I ever found myself at the Parks Department.

Of course, I’d risk hearing something like this: Though she may have started as something of a sassy black friend- meets-magical negro character, Donna has evolved over the course of the series.

Though self-serving at times (remember when she made Andy rub her feet?“I’ve gone through days when I thought ‘should I be here? “Before I had my breast op, I wouldn’t have sex with my boyfriend with the lights on. After appearances on Dinner Date, Dating in the Dark, Ex On The Beach and latterly Big Brother, she insists comments about her appearance do not bother her anymore and she has grown in confidence.’ But I’ve got my nanny and granddad and they’re like my guardian angels so I could never do that to them. “I was like a size four or six, I had twiggy legs and twiggy arms and that’s what I thought looked good. She said: “When I got out of Big Brother, I got so many messages from young girls saying how they used to be bullied and watching me has made them want to be themselves – I’ve been overwhelmed by it.Known around the office for her expensive tastes (the aforementioned Mercedes, dog parks that are for poodles only) and her dating prowess, Donna is a loyal friend who is always willing to give her coworkers a ride home when they’re drunk or buy out their shares at the Snakehole Lounge (for a considerable markup, of course).Admirable qualities: Donna’s wit is unmatched among her group of also-funny coworkers.

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