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Lena Waithe became the first black woman to win the best-comedy writing award, which was particularly sweet for Rhimes: “I had just seen her on Friday,” the show-runner says of the star/scribe.She has created game-changing, inclusive shows like —the show that earned Viola Davis an Emmy, making her the first black woman ever to win a leading drama actress award.“She’s so even-keeled and so grounded, and that episode was such an amazing episode of television.”Still, all that historic achievement is ringed with a bittersweet aftertaste.“It’s embarrassing, frankly,” Rhimes adds.The reason why it works so well is that MOST guys don’t chat this way and when a girl meets a guy who does, she finds him DIFFERENT.MAKING POSSESIVE JOKES: This strategy involves chatting with a girl like she is your wife.It keep my neck warm on chilly days, and gives me the opportunity to be dressed somewhat decoratively in my conservative work environment.Supposedly it was to protect your shirt from the detritus of everyday.After all, the media does not want to appear too biased in their support of their favorite country, the old Soviet Union.

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In her early years, “my philosophy was always try to look like Whitney Houston at all times,” she says now with a laugh.“That did not work out so well.”Shows like ’s Claire Huxtable (a Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad two-fer) helped Rhimes connect with herself on a deeper level.So if you’re wearing a gray suit, white dress shirt and black dress shoes, wear a tie that has black or charcoal/gray in it.If you’re wearing a navy suit with brown dress shoes and charcoal socks, wear a blue or charcoal tie.“Leave that boy and come and date me while the offer lasts.Occasionally drop husband jokes on her and let the jokes be possessive in a playfully way.

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