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However Severn Trent Water has refused the crematorium’s request for a “trade effluent” permit which would be necessary for disposing of body remnants into the water supply, However these burials are already taking place in several countries, including Australia and the USA.

He may also have conducted similar schemes under other company names, such as Rebuild Solution Group LLC, as well as other aliases, Brnovich said.

Pierce is believe to have used several different dating sites, such as BBPeople,, Plentyof, as well as the dating app Tinder.

The scams were conducted between 20, according to court records, and involved the theft of more than 0,000, according to the Attorney General.

The site was set up by London-based Carla Valentine, and ex-pathology technician turned curator at Barts Pathology Museum.

Carla explained to Vice why she felt the site was necessary: ‘When asked, “How was your day?

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