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Effective December 1, 1921, the Department of Commerce issued a regulation that stations making broadcasts intended for the general public now had to hold a Limited Commercial license specifying operation on a wavelength of 360 or 485 meters, This license specified operation on the common "entertainment" wavelength of 360 meters (833 k Hz), so KQW initially broadcast only during the hours assigned to it under a time-sharing agreement made with the other local broadcasting stations.

Classifying stations according to when they first received a broadcasting authorization under the provisions of the December 1, 1921 regulations, KQW was tied for 6th in the state of California and 16th in the United States.

In 2011, Kim Wonderley became morning traffic anchor at the station.After the war Herrold needed to become familiar with vacuum-tube equipment before he could return to the air.Although some of his co-workers later reported that he resumed regular broadcasts as early as 1919, the oldest documented report of his resumption of broadcasting, presumably over 6XF, dates to early May 1921, with the announcement that the school was inaugurating a Monday and Thursday night schedule consisting of records supplied by "J. Kerwin of 84 East Santa Clara street, dealer in phonographs".Greb's "The Golden Anniversary of Broadcasting" was published in the Journal of Broadcasting.On January 1, 1909, Herrold opened the Herrold College of Wireless and Engineering, located in the Garden City Bank Building at 50 West San Fernando Street in San Jose.

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