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She even reveals thatone arm is longer than the other.

The film tracks the sexual awakenings of three 15-year-old female friends in a middle class suburb of Paris over the course of a single summer.

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Each of the three experiences her own first, and Marie must sort out attraction and friendship.See full summary » In the Yorkshire countryside, working-class tomboy Mona meets the exotic, pampered Tamsin.Over the summer season, the two young women discover they have much to teach one another, and much to explore together.Having been expelled from her first two schools she's bound to stir some trouble. See full summary » Three girls, each about 15, deal with puberty, the onset of sexual attraction, and, for two, the pressure of virginity.Marie, who's slight and diffident, quiet and nearly expressionless, is friends with Anne, who's a bit chunky and impulsive and has decided that François will be her first love.

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