Sex dating in scottsville virginia

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I hope he has the decency and good sense to resign, but I wouldn't put it past him to fight to stay.It's up to the remaining supes, his constituents in Scottsville, and all Albemarle County citizens to force his dismissal. (Sexual Assualt Resorce Agency) for which he bartended to raise funds?Who, by the way, is gonna dishonorably discharge him. What an egg-sucking dog and pathetic little weasel. Not defending the guy but it seems to me what we have here is someone who thinks its okay to get a girl plastered and do things to her she wouldn't allow sober.

But the point is -- misdemeanor or otherwise -- I don't want a sex offender serving on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.Only large numbers of outraged women showing up at the next BOS meeting will get any attention from our party leaders. Shame on you Vice Chairman Cynthia Neff, you who bailed out this self-avowed and convicted sex offender. You are women who should standing up for women in our community, not protecting this sex offender.You are clearly out of integrity on this one, and you all should resign and let someone else run the party in Albemarle. This guy seems like a complete narcissist who is a danger to society. It may not happen here on our watch, but wherever he relocates in the future will have a predator on their hands.if I recall, he also said in November that he would "fight the charge in court with a vigorous defense" (NBC 29, Nov 27, 2012). Unless we knew all the facts and dirty details we are not really in a place to judge. I know a lot of people will attack my point of view but I don't care.There are lots of couples who get mutually drunk and cross lines. I wonder if she had gotten him drunk and sodomised him while he was wasted if they would have prosecuted her or asked him if he learned anything about exxcessive drinking.

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