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The Times Spark scholarship is being advertised on TV and even in Cinema Halls which will ensure that the competition for this is going to tough.Notice Bard wishes all students participating all the very best!This is probably the only dating site online where every single profile is accompanied by a photographic image.Spark allows users to find potential dates with a number of interesting search criteria.

It is a great choice of site for finding a relationship based either on personality or physical appearance, as is very detailed in both areas.Spark’s personality assessment, which users complete when signing up for the site, offers a range of probing questions which are designed to show people what they are like deep-down as opposed to the surface image they attempt to portray.This will be a refreshing change for users who have grown tired of the rather similar personality tests found on many other online dating a fairly unique and quirky dating site in terms of its features and the way in which it operates.It features a comprehensive personality assessment, like many other dating websites, but the questions are extremely off the wall, at least at first glance.

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