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Opening with the call to action “Bridge Builder”, Matthew says, “’Bridge Builder’ exists at a confluence of Native American ways, failing political systems, concepts of personal freedom, and alternative positive futures”.It’s a strong dose of crunching Americana full of stomp and swagger, O’Neill sets the tone early, but this is no one-note outing.The new set will be available in several formats, including a deluxe edition featuring 3 CD's, 1 DVD and 1 vinyl LP.An expanded 2 CD set will also be available, as will a single disc featuring a remastered version of the original album.

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Matthew lives and breathes the kind of expansive music that allows the listener to bring their own trip to the trip.

Perry recorded the album at Los Angeles' Studio 1480, with the guitarist producing the album with Bruce Witkin.

atthew O’Neill’s ”Trophic Cascade” is the debut release from Underwater Panther Coalition.

Imagine being in a cool, dark and sweaty club with a couple of great musicians about to start their set.

The 1st Players Club album is by none other than Tommy Emmanuel, who is a guitar hero to every other guitar hero around the world, and 1 of only 5 people named "Certified Guitar Player" by the legendary Chet Atkins.

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