Updating xml using vb6

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Adobe’s Portable Document Format is not known for its ability to dynamically alter on-screen values.

You’ll still need the PHB to look up powers and there’s nothing stopping you from making an illegal character.Once this realisation occurs, the question stops being “if” but “which”.To make that question as simple as possible to answer, I’ve taken it upon myself to dabble with five 4e character generators and rank them based on portability, ease of use, stat calculation, reliance on the PHB and cost (if any). Everything is positioned how it should be, and printing can be done without hassle.For those of you who scoff at the idea of using a computer to help with a pen and paper game, sure. The old school method has an obvious advantage: all you need, at the minimum, is a pencil and a piece of paper.This sort of minimalism appeals to a wide range of people, mostly because it’s cheap. Unless your memory abilities are herculean in nature, you’ll need a 4e PHB too.

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