World series of dating thaila zucchi

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BBC Entertainment commissioner Alan Tyler said: "It's dating, it's sport, it's comedy and we are delighted to have such a 'prestigious' tournament showcased on BBC Three.

It's a huge bonus to have Doyle Mac Manus and James Chetwynd Talbot on board to provide the kind of sensitive commentary that is a perfect companion to that tricky and unforgiving first date moment."Executive producers Joff Powell and Simon Welton add: "Working with a contemporary comedy icon like Rob Riggle is an absolute pleasure and we wrote the role with him in mind.

And it's a series best enjoyed after the watershed - there's a little strong language, and a lot of very unsubtle innuendo.

The dates are real (real people on real first dates) and it all happens in 'The Date Zone'.James Chetwnd-Talbot (Tom Price) Doyle Mac Manus (Rob Riggle) Referee Bentley (Bentley Kalu) Poppy Weathers (Thaila Zucchi) Lion Television Scotland for BBC Three, 26 March to (8 episodes in 1 series) What happens when a speed dating session is turned into a competition?Over the course of an evening meal, six men take it in turns to spend time with four women.Using a cross-genre combination, we have been able to utilise our reality and comedy experience to create a unique entity.About two thirds of the page is filled with small randomly placed and dynamically created text ads which are just static content.

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